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Nail Design By Elizabeth

History of Nail Art

Women have been indulging in many ways to enhance their beauty since the advent of civilization. Painting their nails with colors is one of the common ways to look and feel beautiful. However, nail art is much more than simply painting nails in a single color as is evident with so many creative designs and patterns that are made on nails to beautify them. Nail art is said to have evolved in oriental cultures, especially Chinese where enamel was invented 3000 years ago to be applied on nails to make them look beautiful.

There was a system whereby royal class could apply dark shades like red and maroon on their nails while lower class women were allowed to paint pale shades only on their nails. Inca civilization in ancient times made images of eagles on the nails with colors. India is another country where henna plant extract has been utilized by women to apply on their nails for the last 5000 years.

Nail art history is not easy to investigate but in all cultures, there is a common theme running behind use of nails to enhance the beauty of women. Application of colors to beautify nails has slowly and gradually evolved in human history and civilization.

However, modern nail art, as we know it today, evolved in Europe with orange wood sticks coming into existence to help in clearing dirt from nails. This was the time when manicure emerged as a professional activity with salons offering it t women to make their hands and nails attractive. It was in 1932 that French company Revlon started to mass produce nail enamels.

The big leap in nail art was the introduction of miniature designs and patterns on finger nails that caught the imagination of women as it allowed women to express their inner personality besides allowing them to beautify their nails. Today nail art has become very popular with beauty salons employing services of professional nail artists to satisfy their clients.

The designs on nails have become more colorful and intricate with the use of beads, pears, rhinestones and other decorative materials to turn nail art into a stunning art form.

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