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Our nail art gallery includes many unique nail art designs, new nail designs are added weekly, this nail design uses a clear background, marine blue tips and white flower.

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How Much do Nails Cost

Every woman has a desire to look and feel beautiful. Rarely do you find a woman not concerned with making all her beauty parts attractive. Women have a natural tendency to indulge in all sorts of activities to ensure they look their best. Hands and toes of a woman are usually noticed by men after their faces, and it is in this regard that women pay special attention to their nails on hands and toes. Ugly looking or de-shaped nails can mar a personality. If you have nails that shatter your confidence and you try to hide your hands and feet on account of their bad looks, you need not lose hope as there is much you can do to make your nails look beautiful and an asset in your overall personality. If how much do nails cost is uppermost in your mind, read on as there are treatments that can make your nails beautiful in just a few dollars.

Fake nails are easily available in the market and anyone can use them on hands and toes. They are available in many colors and are made up of different materials. Women wear them matching them with the color of the dress they are wearing. These nails have the potential to make a lady look special as they are attractive to look at and give a sex appeal that is unique with them. If you ask how much do nails cost, just remember that a set of artificial nails will set you back with only a fraction of what you spend for a manicure. And you can have 3-4 color fake nail sets in the cost of a complete manicure. This means that if you just take off one scheduled manicure from your routine visits to the beauty parlor, you can have fake nails to match every outfit in your wardrobe.

Have you heard about nail art? It is much more than applying a nail polish on your nails to beautify them. It is possible to make average looking nails stunning to say the least using nail art. It is like decorating your nails just like women tend to get tattoos on their body, only much less painful and time consuming. Nail art is a way to tell the world about your personality in a loud and clear manner. Making innovative and attractive designs on nails is an art that allows a woman to make a fashion statement and also let the world know more about her personality.

These days nail art has become very popular and many beauty salons have a nail artist to perform nail art on the hands and toes of the clients. If however you feel that it is expensive, you can buy nail art kit from the market and try it on your nails. There are even nail art stickers available in the market that a girl can apply on nails very easily to impress others in a party.

How To Grow Long Nails With These Easy Tips

Having a natural, long and healthy set of nails looks very classy and somewhat sexy. Perfectly manicured nails actually say much about your hygiene, personal style, so as with confidence. Everybody knows that growing long nails is really a challenge. However, there are simple ways for you to know how to grow long nails. Here are some of those:

• Do not use it as a tool- instead of using your nails, you could simply use a pen in order to perform some tasks like dial the phone. Do not simply poke or scrape with your nails, most especially when it comes to avoiding opening the any kind of cans like soft drinks of juice cans with your nails.

• Wear gloves- detergents can be totally harsh on nails and could definitely cause up peeling and splitting. Wearing gloves when cleaning or washing the dishes. You must also wear it when you do the gardening, in order to avoid any kind of infection and damage, dryness, infections within the nails.

• Do not bite your nails and picking the cuticles- apart from the apparent reasons of shortening of your nails is your habit of biting and damaging the bed of your nail. Even a sort of minor cut along side your nail could surely allow the bacteria to grow in the nail bed and cause up infections. Keep in mind that nails do not grow immediately, so having an injured nails could retain the signs of damages for few months.

• Be observant with your cuticles- cuticle is the barrier keeping the bacteria away from the nail matrix. It is actually, where the new cells are being generated. Thus, it must not be trimmed or cut. However, you certainly will never want to over grow your cuticles, as it will surely suffocate the growth of your nail. Whenever you feel that your cuticle has grown out on the nail plate, first soften your cuticles in warm water, gently push back cuticles with a pusher.

• Take care of your nails- fingernails should be trimmed and you should clean your “under nails” in a regular manner. Simply use a manicure scissors or nail clippers and a nail file in order to smooth up the nail edges. Keep in mind that you must never pull of the hanging nails. Otherwise, it will only result up into ripping off the living tissue.

So, if you would like to know how to grow long nails, keep it healthy and damage free with those tips mentioned above.

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Learn how to decorate your nails and beautify them no matter if they are long or short.

Acrylic nails or natural nails, no matter what your style is we can make them look amazing with our modern and popular nail designs, watch our videos and view our cute nails in our gallery today.

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